About Us:

We started our business after we experienced Eskom's load shedding impact on business and sustainability first hand.  We also understand that alternate energy generation must be sustainable and you guessed it, be GREEN to support the reduction of our carbon footprint.  We have one earth, one life and one chance to achieve this goal.  

We are passionate about the quality of our products.  Our aim is to supply high-quality products fit for the purpose they were constructed for to last a long time.  Renewable energy is an investment into your future and must therefore conform to certain standards and quality.


Our friendly and experienced staff is always eager to help.

Apart from your normal energy installation, we also do various site installations for your solar panels and/or wind turbines.  We also sell and install solar borehole pumps of various sizes and strengths.  Our standard terms and conditions apply.

Become part of the GREEN generation! GO EVERGREEN